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Dictation or podcast?

I am writing this post on the Passle app, using the dictation tool on my iPhone. It is incredibly easy and unlike when I first talked about this a year or two ago the service is no longer error-prone. 

I think it probably is necessary to have a reasonably quiet environment and good wifi but, since we’re all working from home, having a plan for that has become quite normal; more so than back when we worked in noisy, friendly offices. 

It made me realise that the number of options available for digital communication has grown so dramatically over the last few years that the idea of restricting yourself to text, video or audio no longer makes much sense. All audio is now transcribable and indeed within publications like the Economist (below), the written articles can be listened to, if that is preferable, so there really is very little now to distinguish between the spoken and written word.


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