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Thought leadership could be even more powerful in an economic downturn

Although the latest figures around surprise growth in November put a 2022 recession in question, one thing that is certain is that Thought Leadership can be an effective tool that organisations can use to demonstrate its value to clients during an economic downturn.

The latest research by Edelman (Global PR Company) and LinkedIn -  The B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report - highlights some of the buying behaviours of B2B decision-makers and C-Suite executives and informs marketers of the value of Thought Leadership during uncertain times.

Three findings I found interesting;

1. Thought leadership is even more important in an economic downturn. "50% of C-suite executives say that high-quality thought leadership has more impact on their purchase decision-making during economic downturns than when times are good."

2. Thought leadership is most effective in demonstrating a provider’s potential value. "61% of decision-makers say that an organisation’s thought leadership can be moderately or a lot more effective at demonstrating the potential value of its products/services compared to traditional product-oriented marketing."

3. Your clients want to hear from you on how to succeed. "Decision-makers expect high-quality thought leadership to offer a strong, data-backed point of view on how to succeed during a downturn. And, they report it can make a difference in winning their business"

Thought leadership is one of the most effective tools an organization can use to demonstrate its value to customers during a tough economy – even more so than traditional advertising or product marketing, according to B2B buyers.


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