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The traits of a Partner

Having spent the last few months talking to Partners in law & accountancy firms, it is remarkable how true Tribaut's six core traits appear to be (although he is discussing Management Consultants). See below for the list.

All the Partners we have met are highly intelligent, but more than that they have overachieved from a very young age so it is very deep in their self-image.

Also they are unabashedly competitive!

See Novak Druce Centre for Professional Service firms @ Said Business School, University of Oxford for more in the seminar series.

Thibaut and his collaborators interviewed 35 consultants working as partners in management consultancies in France and the USA, and asked for their ‘life stories’. From this biographical approach, he was able to identify six core aspects of the self that are common to partners’ self-narratives: ‘overachieving’, ‘having expertise’, ‘competing’, ‘belonging to an elite family’, ‘developing business’ and ‘leading’.


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