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Ello and Carii on: the lure of new social networks

Carii is a new social network (not another!) with a focus on community building. Its pitch is that you can create groups within groups, and that the community owners get the lion’s share of income from any ads they attract to their community. You can certainly see the appeal in this, particularly for small businesses and not for profits.

Each new social network does, however, create somewhat of a conundrum for social media marketers. Is it worth pooling resources into becoming an early adopter, knowing that the network might never fully take-off, or wait until more people have joined before dipping a toe in?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods. The first is likely to make you a big fish in a small pond, and could therefore be an excellent marketing opportunity for your business. The second is in the short term a reasonable reaction, particularly if the network fails to evolve.

Carii hasn’t attracted an enormous amount of press so far, but it has converted social media influencer Gary Sharpe, so I wouldn’t dismiss it as another Ello just yet.

So here is a video post which reveals a first look at the Carii platform and my top 3 reasons [at this moment] why in my independent and honest assessment, this could be the game changer many of us are looking for in our online businesses.


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