Time to state the obvious

Blogging in a vacuum isn't going to result in your posts getting read. Sharing them, especially on social media channels will increase your engagement rate.

This article by Kevin O'Keefe makes a great case for Linkedin, the top social network for B2B marketing. He emphasizes how sharing blogs to that platform, increases visibility and helps you make Linkedin a real networking opportunity.

I had a look today and currently the UK top 50 law firms combined have 370,305 followers. To put this in perspective, l'Oréal has 604,867 followers.

(The figure might seem low, but it doesn't take into account the personal accounts of lawyers at these firms.)

Unsurprisingly, company pages that shared relevant content on a regular basis had a higher number of followers, while those using their page as a bare placeholder had very low numbers.

Time to get sharing then!