In his recent book, The Thought Leadership Manual, Tim Prizeman writes that ‘to the outside world your firm probably appears pretty similar to your competitors’.

How then do you stand out from the crowd?

Having a USP (unique selling point), such as being a niche firm, is certainly one way to stand out.

But what if you are a regular firm, who offers the same services as most firms, with similar employees of similar qualifications?

Firms need to work out what is unique about them and draw it out. Becoming known as the go-to firm for a particular service is a sure way to stand out.

Prizeman's book is full of sensible advice on how to achieve this, including how to get coverage in the major media outlets.

A good place to start is to regularly demonstrate your firm's expertise online and in print, through content marketing. We've put together a handy infographic on its benefits here.