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So you want to become a visible expert? Here's how!

Hinge Marketing’s survey determined that the top 3 reasons that convince clients that someone is an expert are:

    1. They come highly recommended by a colleague or friend (56.5%)

    2. They make a complicated subject seem simple (38.1%)

    3. They have a track record of visible success (36 %)

While all three might seem like separate entities, engendered from three separate situations, I would argue that you can hit all three through creating regular content.

Word of mouth recommendation

When you recommend someone to a friend or colleague, it’s quite possible that you have had direct experience with them. However, it’s just as possible that through their activity on social media, or their authoritative articles, that you have got a strong sense of who they are and what they are capable of?

I can think of numerous visible experts, such as Jack Monroe, whose presence is so deeply embedded in my social media life that I feel as if I have met and dealt with her, and can therefore recommend her to others.

Complicated made simple

When clients are stuck on what to write, I suggest that they cast their mind back to their own clients: what areas did they find confusing? what subjects did they find difficult?

Over at, some of the most popular posts concerned subjects that make people come out in rashes ordinarily, such as SEO.

Troublesome topics are a goldmine if you have the expertise to demystify them without patronizing your audience. Give them jargon-free clear explanations, and you will convince them of your value.

Visible track record

Blogging regularly high-quality and timely content makes you look like you are leading the game rather than following it.

It’s certainly created success for many of our clients, perhaps the most compelling success story is that of the FinTech Collective – check them out to find out how blogging created a chain-reaction success effect for them.

Essentially, demonstrating that you are an expert is always better than the odd promotional post telling your audience that you are.



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