SMART goals work well for Hub content creation at Knowledge businesses but you do have to put some structure around your content efforts. Here’s how we do it at Passle:


An exact number of posts. Your content creators cannot guarantee a number of reads or likes but they can do a certain number of posts. I do 1 post per week (at least).


The number of posts is easy to count. Use a system that can easily give you the numbers you need. At Passle we have an alert system that reminds people in advance of their deadline.


One post per week is achievable for me (particularly for a Commentary Blog format like Passle). Some others in the office do 3 posts a week. Some others to 2 posts per month. The goal must be achievable for the person in question in a business-as-usual context.


Why post? Creating content creates leads and business. We all know that but it needs to be spelt out and re-enforced. Without this relevance piece your experts will (very sensibly) stop posting.


There has to (must, must, must) be a time scale. We have a weekly newsletter – this creates a real-life deadline. It works brilliantly.


I am delighted to have written this piece (on Wednesday) knowing that the newsletter goes on Monday night and therefore my one blog post per week is done, and that it will, in the long run bring the outcomes we want.