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The World's Best B2B Hero Content - by Deloitte?!

We use the Football Money League (below) and Mary Meeker's Internet Trends from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) as our two classic examples of great Hero Content for B2B organisations. 

The Football Money League is aimed at a broad audience - as a branding exercise - but makes it clear that Deloitte know their stuff. Here's the 2016 version - 182,996 views in 7 days. Not bad for an accountancy...

What can we learn? Well, actually it is probably the same as Hub Content. Focus on an area, however small, and produce the best stuff in that niche consistently.  Mary Meeker's Internet Trends has been running since the mid-90's, when "The Internet" was a niche, and gets millions of views year on year (~3.5m views in 2015 on Slideshare alone).