I wrote this post over two years ago and thought it was worth a revisit on the back of a few conversations I have had in the last week.

When I started my first job my boss gave me some really useful sales advice  'Just show up - it is only business.  We are just trying to sell stuff'

This is good advice whether it's in person or online. You only need a little courage every day. The article linked to below (which includes a great video) talks about influencing in person but the same applies online.

Many potential content creators are put off because they worry they will write something that is boring or something that no one will read. They (we) are worried our content will be ignored or annoy people or even worse be laughed at.

My advice to the folk who are worried is to just show up. Create content. For a start you are probably wrong about your fears. Usually, you have been doing what you have been doing for a long time and you know far more about it than you think. As long as you share useful insights focused on your niche and use your own voice your network (those that know you) will enjoy your content - and importantly share it with those they know. 

Remember that you are not writing to a million people but for the people you know. If they like it they will share with the people they know really well too. So write for the 15-45 people in business that you are close to - your 'business friends and family'. The rest will look after itself. 

So give it a go - just show up. Whether it's online or in person have a little courage everyday!