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Your brand vs your firm's brand

Creating content online is a great way of building a brand but as this article from Entrepreneur asks, should you build the brand of the expert or that of the firm?

Fortunately, in expert businesses the two goals are entirely aligned. It is very usual for a firm to be known for it's particular expertise in a small niche. The team within this area are held in high-regard by their peers, even if they are within a large firm that has many areas of specialisation. 

What is essential though is that the firm enable the experts to demonstrate their knowledge not just through their work but also online to build the brand of the team in front of a wider audience. 

This will, in turn, build the brand of the firm. 

"On the one hand, you're thinking that a personal brand is going to give you expert status and get your name recognized," she says. "On the other hand, you're thinking that having a corporate brand is going to give you more of a professional outlook and is going to lend you credibility and help you build more trust with your audience... But I'm afraid there isn't any easy answer."


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