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Lessons from B2B Intech #6: Recipe for Success

Passle is attending B2B Intech today - I'll be liveblogging thoughts and reactions to various talks throughout the day.

Fiona Shepherd and Sinead Woodley from April Six are all about exploring balances: volume vs value, creativity vs impact, predictability vs innovation, speed vs preparation. Which measures make for a successful marketing recipe? Is it possible to do both?

This was a very engaging talk, in which Masterchef framed their tips.

Here are their five courses:

Aperitif: understand the appetites of your diners. Align marketing objectives with business plans. Get a strong story that will span everything that you’re going to do. Deliver a level of creativity that is appropriate for its audience.

Starter: build the foundations for an inspiring feast, develop actionable audience personas, identify their journeys to maximize the impact of your ingredients. Balance classics with new cuisine. Content is developed in alignment with buyer and audience insights. The more you re-use the better.

Main: put the customer at the centre, don't just pay lip-service to it.  Combine targeted ABM with broader demand generation. It should be a blended mix to drive the customer relevancy and impact. Align all touchpoints from thought leadership to PR to social. Nurture is the best way to get 'always-on'

Dessert: make a meaningful and lasting impression. Sprinkle with innovation and test new tactics and channels (run a pilot!) 

Digestif: evaluate and optimise. Review the successes and optimise performance. Leverage what you learn to create a successful recipe.


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