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Final report from B2B InTech


Bingo phrases:

  • We need to align sales and marketing. 
  • You need influencers.
  • Nurture your customers, they are real people.
  • Video is important.

Stand out quotes:

  • 'Deliver a level of creativity that is appropriate for your audience', Fiona Shepherd and Sinead Woodley', April Six.
  • 'Connect with more empathy rather than just dumping content. We've had to be more ruthless with content, users decided which content is good', Rhiannon Prothero, SAP UK and Ireland.
  • 'Only 3% of millenials consider online advertising to be credible', Robin Hamilton, inEvidence
  • '40% of people choose root canal surgery over hearing a sales pitch', Tim Hughes, Oracle.
  • 'Automation is not the one answer, it's just a tool', Simon Hall, formerly Head of Marketing at Dell.
  • '85% of B2B buyers use social media as a part of the purchasing process', Jeremy Bevan, Cisco.
  • '70% of customers view brands more positively after watching interesting content on video', Kieran Kilmartin, Pitney Bowes Software

Event feedback

A question from the audience in the afternoon panel highlighted the fact that most speakers came from large organisations with hefty budgets. Delegates on the other hand came from a wider pool, many of which would be, and are interested in discovering marketing solutions that are available with smaller resources. 

This is of course a challenge for event organizers, as big names sell tickets, but perhaps worth considering diversifying the speakers at future events.


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