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Turning readers into customers

When our users start creating content, one of the first things we tell them is to write posts that will be of value to their readers. 

There is always an itch when writing in a business context to quietly slip in a reference to your new wonder-product and inform your readers of its benefits. Unfortunately, this is very rarely the best approach; people reading your posts are there because they want to read something that will be of value to them in some way. If they want more information about your product, they should be able to find this in the "brochure" parts of your website.

The good news is that if you stick strictly to trying to be helpful to your readers, they will take the time to find out about you (and your wonder--product). Indeed our statistics suggest that on average, your profile will be viewed 1-in-4 times a post is read. 

So the important thing is to ensure that your author profile contains all your relevant details and you'll rapidly start turning readers into customers.

By engaging readers in conversation concerning the topics covered in your guest posts, you can effectively use your content to establish thought leadership within a specific field and forge initial relationships with readers. By also integrating subtle (and unforced) references to your personal brand or blog, you can gradually build a motivated audience based on trust, knowledge and open communication.


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