I've gotta give it to them, Thorntons have hit the nail on the head with their most recent content marketing effort. Cue The Ultimate Guide to Easter Eggs- a wonderfully designed, dynamic piece of content that appeals to their wide demographic. It covers everything from the history of Easter, to the logistics of making their signature personalised eggs. It even has an interactive chocolate factory that you can look around - it's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque (the book, not the film)! 

This is a great piece of marketing for 2 simple reasons:

(1) They have considered their audience carefully. One of the first things I ask clients when discussing content strategy is who are you talking to? Obviously, Thorntons' target audience is pretty broad (who doesn't like chocolate?) and here they've tailored their content to appeal to the masses. Easter is, apparently, the second biggest event of the year in the Chocolate world (after Christmas), so seasonal relevance is paramount. It's highly likely that the majority of Thorntons' target audience are celebrating Easter in some capacity. This has obviously been taken into consideration, and the content has been designed to resonate well with this audience.

(2) Their content is focused and easily digested. The second thing I ask people when discussing content strategy is what is the focus of your content? The key message of this written content is very relevant and accessible to the consumer. It is designed to pique their interest and retain their readership. For those that need a little more persuasion, there's the aforementioned interactive chocolate factory, where you can learn about the inner workings of Thorntons' Easter egg factory.