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The growing skills gap in PR and marketing

We're running an event later today for CNS Group on the growing skills gap in IT and the options to tackle this. According to analysts, 1.5 million IT security positions are expected to be vacant by 2020. This is a harsh reality. But why is there so little hype on the growing skills gap in marketing and PR?

Being in the industry I work in, I think there is a huge gap in omni-skilled people. All to often, marketing and PR professionals specialise in a specific skill set - PR consultant, event manager, social media advisor, SEO expert, graphic designer, media trainer, content editor/copywriter, digital marketing, channel marketing and the list goes on. How can you truly integrate a campaign or advise a client on marketing strategy without any knowledge of all the elements?

Apart from working in really large enterprises where there is a person for every cog (sorry, job) - this is definitely not the case in the real world. Smaller businesses can't afford to hire a team of people to do 'marketing'. The omni-skill marketing person is a dream to come across but so difficult to find. Why is there such a big skills gap in marketing? 

For anyone looking for a career in marketing, start broad and specialise later if you have a very specific interest. 


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