It’s rare to hear the words ‘party political broadcast’ and ‘gone viral’ in the same sentence, yet the Green Party have changed all that with their latest campaign video.

The not so secret life of five year-old politicians says more about the state of British politics in just three and a half minutes than any news or political programme could in hours.

Regardless of your political persuasion, I am sure you’ll find something to laugh at in this video - my particular favourite being five-year old Theresa May exercising her deportation skills. More importantly, I did something I never do when it comes to party political broadcasts…I watched the whole thing from start to finish, and again!

I’ve never taken much interest in the Green Party, other than when party leader Natalie Bennett came unstuck in last year’s general election campaign for not knowing how she would fund her new housing policy. However, this video did engage me and made me want to find out more, which in PR terms is a win for the Greens!

Humour doesn’t always work in politics, or in PR for that matter, but I take my hat off to the Greens for trying to do something different and for making an impact.