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Influencer Marketing - How to

If you can handle the intensity the #AskGaryVee show and DailyVee are worth tuning into for various topics across the marketing spectrum. 

This particular episode (191) focuses on influencer marketing and specifically Vlogging (video-blogging). It has recently occurred to me the importance of influencer marketing and having experienced it in the sporting world it is interesting to explore the use cases in a B2B context. On reviewing several influencers of my own recently I have put together a few tips to for approaching the right influencer:

  1. Are they on brand?
  2. Do they already post content in line with your organisations positioning?
  3. Will they resonate with your target audience?
  4. Do they have a large an engaged online presence already?

It is important to remember that you are working with influencers to utilise credibility and reach. Whilst obvious it is important to ensure you collaborate on the content and allow the influencer to inform you on how to authentically get across your message in an engaging way. 

Happy influencing! 


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