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What is Social Selling and How do you do it Effectively?

I was very lucky to be joined on our webinar last week by Ed Major one of the founders of Orca social.  Ed specialises in social selling and how to do that effectively at a B2B business.  When you get a spare 20-30 mins it's well worth a quick watch.  For those who don't have the time here are a few headlines:

  1. Your social media goals have to be aligned with your overall company goals and is unlikely to work without support from the C-suite
  2. Everyone in your organisation needs to be part of your social strategy.  Utilise the network of all of those individuals
  3. Content is key to building your social strategy.  You need to provide something that is either interesting or helpful
  4. The sales funnel has changed - a purchase decision is already 57% complete when a potential client first gets in touch
  5. Social selling is evolution not revolution. i.e. It is just an extension of what people have been doing for 100s of years

This webinar covers topics such as social selling, employee advocacy, and the best social media networks for your business.


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