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Games as B2B Content

Games can be excellent content and offer real opportunities to B2B marketers. 

A monthly quiz about developments in your industry would take very little organisation and would not only drive engagement but quite-likely kick back some really interesting statistics. 

By way of example, the BBC does this for nicely for news and sports

1. Take small steps If you've never tried gamification in marketing, its best to first try it with a simple game so you can learn how theory works in practice and see how your target audience receives the game. 2. Structure your game to make sense of it If your reward system is so complex that it requires users to get familiar with a long manual to understand it, you're never going to get satisfactory results. 3. Relate gamification to your marketing goals Plan your gamification strategy to ensure that visitors don't just visit your website to play and then exit the page. 4. Consult with professionals Gamification can be tricky and badly designed marketing games happen more often than you'd expect.

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