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How to steer a ship with 100 tillers?

Professional services firms are staffed by bright people, which is why they are paid to give advice. Being bright they also have opinions which, though critical to doing their job well, can make them pretty difficult to manage.

One of the management trends we have noticed is for internal content marketing - there may be a cool name for this but I don't know it. In essence this is the practice of leading people in a direction by explaining why it is interesting. 

So instead of saying "the future is blockchain!" and demanding that everyone believe you, this method would suggest that you communicate regularly with your teams with content & news on the topic. After a while, when the discussion comes up, you find that not only are people pretty interested in 'blockchain' - to follow the example - but have a number of opinions on where the market is headed and how to address them. 

A much easier, more engaging and productive process - not only does it seem like it was their idea in the first place. It actually was their idea.

Content strategy writ large can be a driver for change across a whole organisation, spearheading the creative disruption of its business model and workflow as well as the customer experience. It’s about recognising the importance of content to marketing and even to the brand as a whole, involving every aspect and function of the organisation.


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