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Cuckoo's Data-Driven Recommendations

I discovered Cuckoo yesterday, a pretty neat (and free, mostly) tool which looks at your Twitter account and recommends actions. It takes the format of questions such as:

  • What topics will engage @passle's audience today?
  • How many times should @passle tweet today?
  • What colors will engage @passle's audience today?

You can also check out what your competitors are up to and modify your strategy accordingly.

The app is still a bit buggy, a few questions endlessly show 'Cuckoo is searching for new trends in your audience...'. Some of the Twitter accounts they show for comparison are a bit random  but hopefully these will get smoothed out in time. 

I am really excited about the potential of this software - why not give it a go yourself?

With Cuckoo, an apparel retailer can discover the colors of merchandise to promote to its own audience and to its competitor's audience, each day. A content marketing team can get answers on whether they should produce and share more blog posts, Vines or Periscope videos, and what time of day this content will generate the most social value. An entrepreneur with zero marketing experience can learn how to build awareness for his or her company and grow an online following, for free.


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