A really valuable reminder that sometimes it is important to stop and take stock of your current situation. This is easily reflected across all roles within a business including sales and marketing. The phrase 'work smart' is important as it can be easy to keep a good pace of work but overtime lack of innovation, adapting to a changing environment or market can have detrimental impacts on productivity, morale and revenue. 

Joe's honest account is not pretty and I can imagine being in the pack for a premiership rugby team is one of the most intense jobs however it really is no different to a like for like position in business.

Simple plans to assist with this include weekly team meetings, setting goals and checking progress, having a strategy that focuses you daily, weekly and quarterly. This does not replace working hard too! 

The good news for Joe is if he keeps on the right path now he will have plenty of post rugby career job opportunities since this is a pain of all organisations.