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Twitter continues to put customer service at its core

Twitter is now making it possible for users to send direct messages from any website. The platform is already being used very successfully as a form of customer service with clients expecting real-time feedback and help. This new feature takes this aspect one step further.

This is a canny move from the social media platform, businesses that are customer-facing would do well to consider embedding the button...

In order for this button to work, the business will need to modify its Twitter account setting to receive direct messages from anyone. From here, they can embed the new message button on their site after configuring it with the right Twitter handle and user ID. Where this will come in handy is in customer service, especially if you’re trying to buy something or have questions. What Twitter doesn’t want you to do is to not even consider Twitter when you have feedback, instead turning to chatbots on Facebook Messenger, Kik, or Slack; using email; or even calling the company’s support number.


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