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What is evergreen content anyway?

Evergreen trees are green all year round, come sun or snow. Likewise, evergreen content works all year round because:

  • It’s not time-sensitive
  • It remains useful
  • It’s relevant

You might already know which pieces of content of yours are evergreen because they continue to perform well months, if not years, after they were created. Others might need a little tweaking – revisit past content and see if there’s anything you can do, whether adding tags to make them easier to find or updating the information so that it remains relevant.

Remembering to share

Identifying the content is one thing, remembering to share it is another. With social media management tools like Buffer you can regularly reschedule updates that have gone out – that’s one option.

Another option is to use a tool like Missing Lett_r. It creates a Twitter drip feed campaign for each of your posts for a whole year. I’ve been using it for posts here and it’s really cleverly designed – all you need to do is approve and edit the updates you send out in the world, and then you’re set!


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