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Which editorial calendar software to choose?

I consider myself a pretty digital person, I’d probably even admit to being an internet addict. However, there are some things I still rely on paper for: lists. There are few things as satisfying as crossing items off a list, or putting a plan together on the page. My notebook next to my laptop is full of lists and ideas for future projects.

I was asked yesterday whether we used a tool at Passle to keep track of our editorial calendar. I had to admit that we don’t really. We have an overall editorial calendar (see below) in picture form which gives the team and I ideas for the type of content to create, and I use Google Calendar to keep track of larger content projects. We’re still quite a small team, so this works for us, but I am increasingly thinking that it would be more efficient for me to upgrade from my notebook to a dedicated tool. After all, an online repository is less likely to be lost or accidentally doused in coffee...

I went on a hunt and identified 9 tools (among many) that could help with this process. They have different price ranges, and most of them offer free trials:

I’ve decided to trial Trello, as it’s been mentioned positively by several people before. It also happens to be free so it feels less risky than a free trial. Depending on how it goes, I might choose to invest further in it or trial a different one.

I’ll report back in a month to let you know how it went…

Passle's 2016 Editorial Calendar


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