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Are you ready for GDPR?

It's the buzzword on most marketers' lips, but how does one, as a business, effectively comply with GDPR and the EU ePrivacy Directive?

Passle is teaming up with B2B marketing agency Kingpin to gather a panel of experts to debate and elucidate on the topic. Panellists include: 

  • Simon Moss, Head of Marketing at email marketing software CommuniGator
  • Chris Evans, Consultant at leading law firm Druces
  • Tom Wright, Director of Content at b2b information and events business Incisive Media
  • Richard Jones, BD at digital forensics and information security leaders Foregenix
  • Yours truly, Head of Content Marketing at Passle

The event will take place on 4th April at WeWork Moorgate. Book your ticket now to be involved in our pre-event survey on GDPR, the results of which will be shared on the night.

This should be a great opportunity for business leaders to get their heads together on this complex topic.

Experts across the Passle network have been writing about GDPR for a while, head over to our GDPR-dedicated channel here.

First GDPR, then the EU ePrivacy Directive, what will be the next step in the digital privacy laws? How can B2B companies best prepare and comply, when the rules are ever-shifting? A panel of experts ranging from the legal industry to cyber security, will weigh in on this important issue.


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