Who are the leaders that have influenced and inspired you during your career? 

It is likely that there will be a handful of individuals that either directly/indirectly have shaped your perception of the qualities it takes to be a 'strong leader'. Whilst you may have ambitions to emulate these characteristics, its important to do so in your 'own style'.

Jason Goodall, Group Chief Executive Officer of Dimension Data, stresses the importance of authenticity and "lead[ing] within your own skin" - emphasising people respond to sincerity. 

Each of these tenets remain when it comes to your comms strategy and it is much easier to build mutual understanding with your readership when your content comes from you. Much as you would face-to-face, the content you create is an opportunity to showcase your insights and engage with others on a personable, knowledge-led level. 

As with strong leadership therefore, when it comes to creating content it is important to be yourself, harness the experience and subject matter expertise you have gained, and serve informative value to attain the support and buy-in of your target audience.