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77% of email marketing ROI comes from segmented, targeted campaigns.

A strong newsletter can be the driving force behind any successful business campaign. It is a brilliant way of packaging up all of your noteworthy and relevant news for the week into a handy format and putting it in front of those key clients and prospects. Importantly, it is a way of providing additional value to the customer experience and keeps you & your organisation forefront of mind. 

This article gives a really nice insight into why you should think about taking the time to segment your mailing list into an organised & reliable format. This will allow the creation of bespoke newsletters which accommodate for and provide more value to the spectrum of individuals and organisations with whom you engage on a regular basis.

Whilst it will likely be quite a time intensive venture in the first instance, the benefits in the long-term will be enormous. Moreover, with more and more companies dabbling in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies, a segmented approach ties into organisational efforts to target those key accounts with tailored and relevant content to nurture those relationships. Check out Freddy's post on ABM to find out how this is done!

The most basic way will be to segment by demographic - age, location, industry etc. But this can be taken much further and segment along lines of customer behaviour (regular visitor or intermittent) and customer type (returning customer or a prospect) etc. Give it a go and see what works best for you. In the long-term, it can only make your newsletter more interesting & valuable to the reader!

MailChimp reports that email opens and unique opens of segmented campaigns were 14.31% higher than non-segmented campaigns. Clicks from segmented campaigns were also more than 100% higher compared to non-segmented campaigns. Finally, when emails are segmented, there are 9.37% fewer un-subscribers.


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