I was very flattered to be included on the panel of Pro-Manchester's event "Impact of Digital Technology in Business Marketing" last week alongside Apadmi's Matthew Hunt and Wakelet's Misbar Gedal.

A topic we all discussed was whether we should be putting more budget behind content marketing. As all 3 on the panel worked in content marketing to some degree our answer was a unanimous yes! 

However, on my return I took another look at the allocation of budget for hero, hub and hygiene content, the framework that we use here at Passle to distinguish different types of content.

It appears that the majority of the budget is split between hero content (events, white papers, seminars etc) and hygiene content (brochure ware, websites) with hub content taking a small piece of the pie.

Hub content includes blogs, news updates, articles and insights and is there to drive visitors back into your website. If you think about some CRMs costing upwards of £1000 per person to capture those visitors and websites build costs sometimes totalling 6 or 7 figures, it does seem daft that the content that drives these visitors to this is hugely underfunded.

The video below has some great tips on how to sell your content budget to those who are skeptical.