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HTTPS for all!

As of January 2018, Passle is now offering HTTPS to all of our clients free of charge. 

Having your subdomain on HTTPS means that any data transferred between the browser and the server is encrypted. There are several benefits to this:

  • Security - because the communication is encrypted, the site is safe from things like "Man in the middle attacks". This is where an attacker intercepts and alters the data being sent between the server and the browser - for instance, displaying different web page content to the user.
  • SEO - Google gives a better SEO ranking to sites which are using HTTPS
  • Speed - Browsers only support the new HTTP/2 protocol on sites using HTTPS, and with HTTP/2 comes performance benefits (pages loading faster for your users)
  • Trust - More and more people are becoming savvy when it comes to web security, and seeing the HTTPS symbol in their browser gives them confidence in your site

At Passle we've been able to offer SSL to our clients for a while now, but those using their own custom subdomain the process involved purchasing and uploading SSL certificates, and having to renew and re-upload them when they expired. We've been working hard over the Christmas and New Year period on our site security, and one of the benefits that we can pass on to our users is that we can now offer HTTPS to everyone, without having to purchase any SSL certificates, and without having to worry about renewing. 

We've significantly improved our infrastructure so that all of the certificate management can be done by us, which means switching to HTTPS is now as simple as can be.


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