We are quite an active bunch here at Passle, none of us are superstar athletes but it's fair to say that keeping fit and healthy is important to us.

Much has been said about the crossover between the worlds of sport and business: Tenacity, teamwork, adapting to external changes, thinking clearly under pressure etc. are all qualities which are essential to success in both domains. 

However, apart from getting ex-sport stars to speak to business people, there is not a huge amount of activity done to actually promote and bring those qualities out in your teams in the workplace. 

Corporate events are basically all the same: you turn up early; make chit-chat with a couple of the other attendees; are plied with teas & coffees; listen to 45 minutes of someone talk; there's some amicable networking at the end and then everyone trots off back to their office, slightly wiser to the world but quite often, these events blend into one. 

We felt there was an opportunity for a different experience in the events space, and this inspired us to create Passle Fit. An event which will enable the participants to meet new people within a similar sphere, enjoy a completely new & challenging workout and hopefully have a bit of craic as well. 

Accordingly, we are inviting along our clients and friends to join in for a 45-minute workout first thing in the morning in April. We're provide the personal training and a custom workout specifically put together by the experts at Crossfit Central London. 

All abilities will be catered for, the workout will be interactive and challenging. Places are limited, so if you fancy coming along, please sign up here.