Joining me on our panel discussion at Rainmaker18 to discuss how rainmakers have had to adapt and what challenges they face in the modern world was Nigel Walsh (Partner at Deloitte), Stephen Ruff (BD & Alliance Manager at everis UK), and Leor Franks (Managing Director - Marketing & Communications at FTI Consulting). 

I asked each panellist to close with 3 takeaways that the audience could use themselves or indeed within their firm:

Leor Franks

1. Specialise in your area of expertise and learn to articulate to your audience

2. Get out and network

3. Flatten the process, not all decision makers are in the c-suite

Nigel Walsh

1. Empathy, people will relate and engage. Be the same person online and offline.

2. Build a community

3. Have a voice, be aware of the potential echo chamber and agreeing with content fluff

Stephen Ruff

1. Honesty

2. Be brave

3. Collaborate

It is interesting that in all cases these tips feed back to being yourself, authentic and the necessity to build key relationships.

There will be a follow-up recording of this panel session and please feel free to request.