Once upon a time, Cyance were a demand generation agency, doing traditional high volume approaches with the hope that some of the mud would stick. But their CEO, Jon Clarke realised they could analyse online signals to understand where companies are in the buying cycle. That means you can engage people with content or direct contact to match their stage of decision making. This leads to increased conversions, win rates & revenue. 

At their breakfast event, Jon took us through details of when, why and how to leverage Intent Marketing. 

Here are 4 insights I took from the presentation:

1) only 2-5% of customers from most B2B verticals are "in the market" at any time, ready to buy.

2) BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline) qualified leads are highly unlikely to close. If they can answer all 4 areas there's a high chance they've already made their decision and you are just being used as a benchmark if that's your first contact.

3) When interviewing their clients' clients about why they bought a product/ service they found that 70% of the time the end customer bought for a predominantly different reason to the reason the vendor gave.

4) Cyance no longer does outbound cold calling/ emailing, instead, they do 1:1 video sent via LI or email - response rates are 20-30% better than cold calling/ emailing.