It is very easy when you become very expert in a particular field, to only see the world from your position of knowledge. Indeed, it is necessary that you stay very close to a subject to keep track of all the developments in your field and be able to offer the best advice. 

The difficulty in Professional Services is that the buyer, almost by definition, does not see things in the same way, that is why they need professional advice. However, in order to become a go-to resource, it is important to help your potential client understand your area of expertise to a level where they can fully appreciate its value to their business.

To do this requires that you set out to educate them, in a way that is engaging and rewarding to your audience. 

I saw a quote on a classroom wall the other day:

“Personally I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught”  

It is worth bearing in mind when creating content. Make it educational but make it accessible and fun too.

It turns out the quote was from Winston Churchill