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Communications to Counsel need to be Short, Relevant and Concise according to BT's Litigation Head

For several years now Edelman and LinkedIn have been surveying what the attributes are of content that engages b2b decision makers of professional services firms, like in-house counsel. In summary the core attributes from the report are:

  • Provide valuable insight
  • Be relevant
  • Set a vision for the future
  • Delivery from a trusted source
  • Be concise through bite-sized content

Michael Issacs who leads BT's litigation arm gave a great interview below around the current crisis that also includes some useful insights for law firms with regards to engaging clients like Michael. 

As Michael explains below, he would like communications to be relevant, targeted, concise and contain a proactive insight

As we go through the largest digital transformation of the century and digital communications become the new normal, firms that ultimately sell the expertise of their people (law firms, consultancy firms, accountancy firms etc) should follow Michael's advice when it comes to communications and marketing to build long term relationships. 

What are the most helpful and unhelpful things external advisers can do for you at the moment? The best of our litigation panel firms are in touch with things that are relevant, and when they talk about them, they have really thought through the “so what?” question – in other words, they’ve made their update ‘BT relevant’. The best calls and emails I get are short and punchy “Have you thought about this issue, that will affect you in X, Y, Z ways? Happy to chat it though if you have 10 minutes” – that’s the kind of panel value we need, with a relationship-based approach. Some firms don’t quite get it though, even if the rhetoric is there, and there’s still too much “we are top tier, so you’d be daft not to use us” showing through their approach.


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