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Top Tips for Launching a Marketing Strategy at a Professional Services Firm

I was delighted to be joined by Barney O'Kelly and Passle's Sam Page last week for Episode 2 of our "Professional Services Growth Live".  If you did not get the chance to listen LIVE (which is very likely!!) please have a quick listen.

Barney and I talk through our top tips for developing an effective Marketing Strategy and how to sell that strategy internally and how to measure it.  Find out more about:

  1. What Barney refers to as "back of the sofa comms"
  2. How to measure and communicate your strategies
  3. How to build a strategy with very clear goals and objectives
  4. Using Targeted marketing to speak to the "right" people - clients and potential clients
  5. How are firms adapting their strategies since the global pandemic hit

Hopefully it's of interest and if you have any Qs or thoughts I'd love to hear then so please get in touch at

Barney O'Kelly joins Connor Kinnear and Sam Page to discuss audience Q&A on the topic of marketing strategy for professional services including how to start, what to measure and how to demonstrate value to the firm.


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