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How can you make sure you are cutting through the noise rather than just adding to it?

With the increase in remote working, digital marketing has never been more important for law firms. However, the million-dollar question is "How can you make sure you are cutting through the noise rather than just adding to it?" 

Guy Alvarez, expert in legal marketing and founder of Good2BSocial, wrote a great piece for Law360 (link below), highlighting how 'attorneys and their firms often look to cast the widest net' when in fact they should be taking a much more targeted and focused approach.

Lawyers are not Instagram celebrities, they do not need thousands of interactions to get value from content. The right clients and prospects benefiting from genuinely useful and helpful regular content is the sweet spot for legal professionals. If the handful of people reading an insight make up the majority of that lawyers billable hours, then they have it the mark

In relation to content, Guy talks about knowing your target audience, understanding their issues/problems, and then creating content that addresses these issues/problems. Clients don't want news - they get that from the global news sites - they want to know how that news affects them or will affect them.  They want to know the legal implications for their business.  They want insight into the challenges and opportunities that a change creates for them.

Following this process might mean creating a piece of content with a very small target audience in mind, in some cases, it might just be a single client. This approach really focuses on quality over quantity.

Key advice: Get the experts involved in the content creation.  It must be authentic!

The targeted approach can be resource heavy and challenging, especially for Marketing & BD teams that look after several practices. It simply might not be possible to know the individual pain points of each and every client. If this is the case, then get help from those in the firm who know the clients best - the individual lawyers that hold the relationships. These lawyers know the challenges/issues faced by their top clients, so are in a great position to create relevant content, or at very least steer the type of content created by the firm.  Enable and empower them to keep front of mind with those who they serve. 

For your content to be effective, you have to first take the time to figure out who your target audience is and what your target client's issues and problems are, and then create a content strategy that addresses these issues and problems. Content marketing is not about throwing a ton of content against a wall and hoping something sticks. Rather, it's best to focus on turning out well-researched and targeted content.


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