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6 Most effective marketing tactics

Nice to see that Passle can help with 5 of the Top 6 (other than rating directories).

Once you have good content on your blogs then LinkedIn, content feeds to your website, e-newsletters and Google rankings come as standard...

Analyzing the new 2014 survey results, Weiss said the data makes clear that law firms that fail to employ six tactics are simply missing out on desirable work: Blogging LinkedIn Effective websites E-alerts Online rankings Ratings directories “The data also makes clear that you can still be successful running a firm based solely on the traditional relationship tactics used for decades– the word-of-mouth model that includes seminars, client entertainment, trade and community group presence,” Weiss said. “However, the data makes it equally clear that some work firms are receiving comes completely as a result of online rankings, client reviews, LinkedIn, blogging and a firm’s website.” In other words, the word-of-mouth model has competition, the online model, said Alyn-Weiss partner Amber Vincent.

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