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7 of the best blogging platforms

So, you know that you need to blog, but which platform is best suited to your needs?

Some big names will keep cropping up in discussions: Wordpress, Blogger, Medium,... Yet, there are many other blogging platforms out there, and these might be a better fit for your purpose.

Rather than adapting to a platform that doesn’t fit, find a blogging format that’s adapted to your needs.

In this list, I want to share 7 blogging platforms that might be slightly less well known but could be the perfect match for you, or your business.

Let’s see if one of these statements rings true:

I don’t want the commitment of having a blog lets you blog without the need to actually have a blog. The perfect solution if you want to write the odd post without the long term commitment of maintaining a blog.

I want to blog just for myself, I don’t want anyone else reading it

Time to get back to the basics, if you want a journal you won’t lose or accidentally ruin with tea, then Penzu is for you. Reinforced with military grade security and with searchable tags, it’s the easy way to remind yourself to log your thoughts of the day.

I want to showcase my skills whilst job-hunting

Linkedin might not be the first place that comes to mind when talking about blogging, but it’s now possible for any English-language user to post longform blogs on the business-orientated platform.

I want to network with other lawyers

A bit of a specific one, but a new social network has been launched called Mootis, specifically for those working in the legal sector. It’s like twitter, but longer, as you can type up to 500 words. So far it’s not possible to share direct links to posts outside of the network and posts don’t show up in Google, giving it an insider feel.

I just want a standard faff-free blog for longish thought pieces

Ghost is an open-source blogging platform, and as idiot-proof as they get. It’s so easy to get things right when blogging with it, and the perfect platform if you don’t want to create anything too complicated.

I want to easily turn my notes into blogs

If you’re already using Evernote for your note-taking, then making the transition to blogging with should be relatively straightforward. All you need to do is tag your notes as ‘published’!

I want to blog regularly for my business without stress

Passle has been proven to increase dramatically the number of blog posts created by firms, by making it very easy to put their thoughts on a screen. It allows you to capture interesting content, comment with your point of view, and add context to support your opinions. Oh and it looks pretty swanky.


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