2015 is definitely the year for content marketing, even bigger than last year. This article gets it spot on; content needs to be varied and as fresh and authentic as possible; not just a fad that's jumped on for a short burst only to be followed by "I told you so" from the naysayers just because it didn't make them rich overnight. It amazes me that there are still so many businesses (of all sizes) that don't have a social presence or blog because they feel they don't need one, they don't see the value or just don't have the time. "We have a website and that cost enough"Well now there are no excuses; the fusion of Social and Search is pushing the believers to the top and the disbelievers...well they just can't be found.

I know that you get it, and you know your business needs to get on it, so make a plan and hit up your bosses. Think about how your colleagues can contribute and offer their unique voice on their niche within the business, it all helps establish your company as an engaged and positive authority. Be prepared for the negatives and show them the positives. If they tell you that it's not feasible time or cost-wise, point them in my direction. Here at TNBA we can work with you to create a brilliant content marketing plan and we can manage your social networking for you, freeing up your time to be even more brilliant.

What struggles do you face with taking this to your leaders?