Clarify your message

One of the challenges of marketing a management consultancy practice is that many people won’t know what it is exactly that you do. Unlike a clinic, or a law firm, an automatic image won’t be drawn into their minds.

It’s therefore absolutely crucial that you make it clear to your audience what kind of expertise you are offering in all of your marketing endeavours.

Focus on capability and contact marketing

Capability marketing entails demonstrating your expertise through articles, conferences, publishing your research, hosting webinars, and so on and so forth.

Contact marketing is all about creating personal relationships, through networking (online and offline), setting up meetings, and smaller events.

You need a healthy mixture of the two to grow your firm, and both need to be focused.

Grow your visibility in key channels by researching your target market. Find out the channels, websites, and places that they frequent and trust.

These are the places that it’s worth investing time and money in, whether it’s becoming an active participant in a significant Linkedin group, or sponsoring a relevant conference.

Build your personal brand

You need to stand out in a busy market, so use your best asset: yourself.

Your personal brand reflects how other people perceive you, it’s created from the cumulative effect of your online activity: from your website, to your articles and tweets, to what other people say about you.

Building a personal presence as well as a corporate one is a great way to make contacts more informally. Behind every B2B is a human (several actually), and they will always trust another human over a faceless and voiceless organization, so let some of your personality shine through.

What Passle can do

Passle makes it easy for busy experts to create timely and authentic content. Using Passle significantly increases the online and offline visibility of its users, and helps build both the firm and its individual experts’ brand. Contact us to find out how we can help.