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Never overstay your welcome during a networking conversation

Some sensible advice from Dorie Clark aimed at networking newbies to help them overcome anxiety and make the most of those opportunities.

At some conferences, you have a clear networking agenda. There’s a list of people you’d like to meet, and it’s frustrating when someone attaches themselves to you and won’t let you move on. Other times, though, you may be the one who’s unsure of yourself. Perhaps you don’t know anyone there, or you’re in a new company or industry and don’t know whom you’d like to connect with. That’s when even the best of us risk turning clingy. I recently received a heartfelt email asking, “Since I don’t want to ‘glom onto somebody’ because I’m new to the place/conference/meeting, how do I go about networking? What would your advice to a total newbie be?” Here are four ways to ensure you never overstay your welcome during a networking conversation.



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