We are exhibiting at the Digital Marketing Show today and tomorrow (stand B66). I'm going to try and report here on some of the talks I've attended.

Great talk by Sharon Flaherty on Investigative Content Marketing today, in which she pleads with marketers to create content that is different.

The key to differentiation is to be authentic, and not be a part of the clutter. In other words, don't be clickbait!

Key to creating a brand story are these three points:

  • find what makes you you
  • bring that story to life
  • give your audience something real and memorable

Ask yourself:

  • what are you saying that has any significance at all?
  • Will your audience care about your content?

8 tips for purposeful content:

  • remember a brand is defined by how they engage with their customers not what they sell
  • uncover your brand’s purpose so you have a meaningful roadmap of content
  • consider if you are building content on what your customers care about
  • commit to having longer term conversations, not just jumping on to the next campaign
  • take a stance on something and use your content to bring about real change
  • be authentic!

And finally: you need to be agile and ready to find your new story wherever it may be hiding!