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Recruitment Consultants are realising they cannot just bang away at the phones

I am working with a number of recruitment companies just now.  The message I keep getting is the same - "we just cannot rely on banging away at the phone anymore".  We need inbound and we need marketing strategies.

This LInkedIn Pulse piece by Molly Moseley from LinkedUp has 5 great strategies to power your marketing if you are in recruitment:

- Use programmatic software

- Partner more effectively with Marketing

- Leverage re-targeting strategies

- Use email automation

- Create quality content

This last one I am particularly interested in.  Recruitment consultants must know their clients' business and must showcase that expertise not just on the phone but also online.

Create quality content Content marketing will help you attract and retain job seekers while hopefully converting applications into hires. Blogs, social media, video, white papers and ebooks that are job-seeker focused will help you be seen as a thought leader while making a lasting impression. This helps attract employees today and well into the future.


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