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Content marketing produces compound returns

An interesting perspective on the production of content. Content can certainly produce compound returns but this does mean that, while it may become a cash cow in the long run, content does require investment over and above the return in the short-term. One area of focus for us at Passle is in reducing the investment (particularly in time) in order to shorten the time period to a Return on the Investment.

Interestingly, Mr Tunguz goes on to propose, on the odd construction of the statistical analysis of somewhat made-up numbers, that 'evergreen' content (that we would describe as 'hero') out-weighs 'temporal' (to us 'hub'). 

We would disagree, if you can reduce the investment per content piece of hub content. However he certainly is correct in the need for an overarching content strategy with both forms represented.

When creating a content marketing campaign, marketers must be deliberate about their balance between evergreen content, posts that are always interesting for readers, and temporal content, posts that are relevant just for a day or two. Evergreen posts often confer timeless advice. Temporal posts comment on recent events.


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