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Does your week just vanish without clear objectives? Here is an easy way to be productive..

How often do you end the day or week and wonder what you achieved? Planning is key. I personally find a Sunday afternoon is a great time to put some objectives in place for the coming week. Each morning you can revisit this on your commute. This will differ based on your occupation, look for the time when the pressure is off.

I then compile these objectives within The Emergent Task Planner. It is a great way to pick up a good habit of focusing on the essentials. It is self explanatory and you can download copies here.

The ETP is tackling:


- small set of important tasks is more likely to be completed.


- estimating and tracking task time helps you allocate your time more effectively.


- By showing the time you have left over will dictate whether your planning is realistic or not. 

Things always work better in teams, print a few copies and trial it with your colleagues this week. 

The Emergent Task Planner (ETP) is a paper-based daily planning sheet designed to keep you focused in the face of chaos. Start the day by declaring what you want to get done, and the ETP helps you stick to the plan by with task, time, and scheduling support. Because it’s paper, it’s easy to keep your task list in view without fiddling with computer screens. Portable and always-on, with ample space for note taking, the ETP is designed to make your day more productive by serving as an anchor for your mind.


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