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Why email newsletters work for B2B content

The article below lists seven reasons why email newsletters work. However, within a business-to-business context, the first one, 'Different People, Different Channels', is the real killer. 

Frequently, the people we're trying to reach with B2B content are busy professionals and, whilst many of them are on Twitter and other networks, the work-horse channel of business communication remains email. So having a relevant, timely communication that sits within this work context makes perfect sense. 

Increasingly also, email newsletters can be an effective proxy for a dedicated mobile content marketing strategy. 

1. Different People, Different Channels Some portion of your audience will turn to Twitter for your latest. Some will check in on your Facebook page. Still others will want your info delivered to their inbox because email newsletters remains their first choice for communications from you. Email newsletters keep you communicating with different people via different channels. In fact, your newsletter can be sent out via email, then archived on your website with tweets and Facebook links pointing to it. That approach meets everyone’s need!


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