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Sheridans Take Advantage of Content Fuelled Radio 1 DJ Judge Jules

Jules O'Riordan or Judge Jules as most commonly known (including his new clients) is now an associate in the Music Group at Sheridans

Judge Jules confronted the terror of academics to tackle his law degree for a second time and is now embarking on his career beyond dj-ing. 

You can imagine the positive impact on business development for Sheridans having the industry recognised brand, Judge Jules, amongst the team. Whilst it is not possible for every lawyer to have the same wealth of industry knowledge and thought leadership from the outset, this clearly demonstrates the value in growing your brand and presence as a 'go-to' expert in your chosen niche. 

A recent FT interview also identified another great piece of practical advice for any lawyer - find a mentor. The prominent music lawyer, John Kennedy, was able to assist Judge Jules through the career process.

It will be interesting to see how the Judge Jules legal brand develops. 


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