More of the same from Google in returning increasingly large amounts of information to the search results screen (see previous posts). 

It is a pretty interesting development not least because it's so old school. Although it may well be enhanced by lots of clever tech, this all feels a bit Yahoo 1999 - a bit "we can curate the world".

Maybe it is a reaction to the declining value of traditional web 'search' as 'social discovery' rises that has led Google to make this move. Maybe they feel that over the next few years that they need to provide an instant response to a query rather than be a step in the journey - maybe they fear 'search' - with a set of web link results - is dead. 

Certainly the mobile phone interface would tend to edge in this direction but it certainly doesn't feel like this can enhance the discovery of unusual or differing view points; when all the information is created by one of the world's largest corporations.